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Seagull Maritime: Occupational Health & Safety on board e-learning course
Seafarers can now undergo training on Occupational Health and Safety on board their respective vessels using a new on board course.

The Danish Maritime Authority has approved this course for Danish-flagged vessels. SEA HEALTH & WELFARE is responsible for the content, consisting of e-learning modules and practical tasks making sure it fulfils international requirements. The modules run on an electronic platform provided by Seagull Maritime AS, which is managed and assessed for quality on an ongoing dynamic process by SEA HEALTH & WELFARE. The course consists of 14 e-learning modules, a combination of theoretical learning and practical exercises in dialogue with the master, appointed supervisor(s), elected safety representative(s) and the crew on board.

The objective of this course is to give seafarers the necessary training and knowledge required to carry out their duties as a member of the safety committee. The course will connect theory and practice, in cooperation with fellow seafarers on board to promote a safe and healthy working environment on ships. Thus, making a positive, sustainable footprint by reducing the need to travel and accommodate for courses ashore.
This course is available for purchase by shipping companies for their respective ships from the 6th August 2018. For more details about the course and prices, please click the contact button below or contact your dedicated Account Manager in Seagull Maritime.

source: NafsGreen