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Asian e-ferry connects to Cavotec electrical power
Cavotec’s innovative charging technologies have connected Asia’s first e-ferry to electrical power eliminating emissions and reducing operating costs for its owner.

The retrofitted passenger ferry, which operates between the island of Cijian and the port of Kaohsiung in Taiwan is fully electrically powered follows on from the introduction of a hybrid ferry earlier in 2017.

“We’re seeing growing interest in plug-in and charging technologies for e-ferries and hybrids in Asia and beyond, together with a high demand for our shore power equipment at major ports, which clearly indicates a strong trend on emissions reduction initiatives,” said Gustavo Miller, President of Cavotec’s Ports & Maritime division.

Charging solution

Cavotec has supplied a charging solution to ensure safe, fast and efficient connection of the ferry to electrical power at the Kaohsiung berth.

The solution includes a cable reel, cable and plug, and a socket box onboard the ferry.

According to Cavotec, the Kaohsiung city municipality plans to retrofit the rest of its diesel fleet to reduce pollution levels around Taiwan’s largest harbour.

Cavotec offers a broad range of innovative vessel charging technologies that can help meet all types of e-vessel requirements and operational constraints.

Its offering includes manual charging systems and a combination of automated vessel charging solutions that are integrated with the automated mooring system MoorMaster.

source: GreenPort